Kavos - Corfu

'We found this great little town in Corfu' - Corfu
'We found this great little town in Corfu' - Attribution: Michael Gleave

Kavos is located on the southernmost edge of the island, just 46 km from the capital city and is undoubtedly one of the most exploited spots in the area of ​​Lefkimmi and one of the most popular youth holiday destinations. In recent years, it has become a paradise for young tourists, as it features everything they might be looking for to have fun. The nightlife is vibrant with beach bars and clubs that are full even in early hours and stay open until the morning.

You'll also find calmer spots in the larger area of ​​Kavos, including Evgeniadis, Armenos and Pantatika that attract many families. Kavos is a coastal region at the edge of Corfu, in Lefkimi. The 'cavo bianco' of the Venetian period, where the famous battle between the Corinthians and Athenians took place during the Peloponnesian war, today is an area with excellent infrastructure. It's also very popular for day trips to Thesprotia, Paxos island and even Parga.

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