Acharavi - Corfu

'Approach to Acharavi' - Corfu
'Approach to Acharavi' - Attribution: Tim Niblett

Acharavi is a coastal village which is 37 kilometers away from the town of Corfu. It is the capital of the prefecture of Thinalio and a modern but also peaceful tourist resort. It has a long, sandy beach that is well organized and equipped with facilities for water sports.

Its name derives from the ancient Greek word "achari ivi" ("joyless puberty") as the area was a marsh and its inhabitants suffered from malaria and looked uninviting, with a yellow complexion. Of course, the current image of the village does not resemble at all that of the past. Today, it's a remarkable tourist spot in northern Corfu. Along the main road, you can discover the remains of Roman baths, while the natural sights of the region include the Antinioti lagoon and the valley of the Nymphs.

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