The Central area of Corfu

Central Corfu
'Pelekas Beach, Corfu' - Corfu
'Pelekas Beach, Corfu' - Attribution: G Travels

Central Corfu extends from the western shores up to the area around the capital of the island. It includes the villages of Agioi Deka, Stavros, Agios Gordios, Kastellanoi, Sinarades, where the archaeological and folklore museum of Middle Corfu is located, as well as Pelekas with the popular beach of Glyfada. This region also includes the Achilleio, the famous imperial mansion of Empress Sisi.

In the central part of Corfu, you'll discover the village of Sinarades which is located on top of a hill. In this area the residents used the land for farming, but nowadays it's a popular holiday resort with hotels, villas and apartments. The beach of Agios Gordis now covers a large sandy area, while at its north end there's the Baloon, from where you can watch a truly magical sunset. Today, the old village of Sinarades is a picturesque spot with a folklore museum, reminiscent of the beauty of the Greek islands in all their uniqueness.

The cosmopolitan Glyfada Beach is an oasis during the summer months. On a hill full of olives and cypress trees, the beach provides a breathtaking setting as there are only two villages nearby, those of Pelekas and Vatos.
\rA much smaller and secluded beach is Myrtiotissa, which is an unofficial nudist beach. Throughout the day, families gather here while young groups of friends meet and have fun in the bars of the area.

Kanoni is one of the most famous sights of the island, as it's the spot where the ancient town of Corfu was built in the 8th century, including the temple of Artemis, other major monuments and the Acropolis where the village of Analipsi is located today. An interesting fact is that a wall piece that is considered to be 2500 years old can be found on the hill. The inhabitants often find cannon balls and pottery when digging their gardens. The Kanoni area took its name from a cannon that was placed by the French in 1798 to strengthen the protection of the island, standing at the very same point until this day.
\rThe area has beaches with pebbles and an excellent view over Pontikonisi (Mouse Island) with the monastery of Pantocrator, as well as over the monastery of Vlacherna that is connected by a small bridge.

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