Information about Corfu

'Old byzantine fortress on the Greek island of Corfu (Kerkyra)' - Corfu
'Old byzantine fortress on the Greek island of Corfu (Kerkyra)' Maxsol / Shutterstock

The island is famous for its local cuisine, including dishes like 'Sofrito', 'Bourdeto', 'Popletes', the Corfiot Pastitsio and many traditional sweets: nougat, 'Pastaflora', candies, 'Fougatsa', 'Tzaletia', 'Bianketa' (small traditional macaroons with mandarin skin) and 'Rozada'.

The trademark of the island is the 'Kumquat', a mini fruit with a strong bittersweet taste, perfect for liqueurs, sweets and jam. On the island there are various small vineyards that produce wines of superior taste and quality. The most popular types are 'Kakotrygi' 'Muscatel' and 'Petrokoritho'.

There are many workshops on wood carving, weaving and pottery in the city. You'll also discover plenty of stores, including jewelry, leather goods, souvenirs, and everything else you'd encounter in a modern city.