Gouvia - Corfu

'Corfu - Gouvia harbour' - Corfu
'Corfu - Gouvia harbour' - Attribution: Jennifer Slot

Gouvia (8 km from the city) is a fishing village with a long history. On 29 August 1537, it was invaded by the Turkish fleet commanded by Barbarossa and under the command of Suleiman Megaloprepi. After destroying the whole region of Mesi, the Turks headed to the capital and unsuccessfully besieged the fortress for 12 days. However, they didn't hand over their weapons and returned to Gouvia two centuries later. They besieged the fortress of the city once more for a month but were defeated again.

After the second siege, the Venetians fortified the harbor of Gouvia and built a naval base, which is today replaced by a marina that serves more than 900 vessels.

Today the area is full of life and nighttime visitors have the opportunity to have a lot of fun in the many clubs and bars of the island.

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